5 Proven SEO Strategies for a Successful COVID-19 Campaign

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Nuweb saw a tremendous 70% surge in internet traffic during Covid-19. As a result, SEO is now more vital than ever. Discover our 5 key ideas for continuously improving your SEO strategy during and after COVID-19 in this blog article.

Businesses were obliged to relocate their sales from their storefronts and offices to their websites during the shutdown. SEO played an important part in helping businesses to be found online, and if done effectively, it gave a substantial possibility for firms to convert new clients.

We’re coming closer to seeing the end of the tunnel. Shops have reopened, and we no longer rely on the internet to get customers. This is not to say that SEO should be abandoned. Now is not the time to take your foot off the throttle.

This article will go through our five main ideas for improving your SEO strategy during and after COVID-19.

  1. Up-to-date and useful material

We’re no longer under lockdown, but that doesn’t mean you should stop making material. Google is crazy about new material. And, before you worry and try to produce a million new blogs, keep in mind that fresh content simply implies up-to-date material.

In other words, go back and reuse some of your past blogs. Update the statistics, add additional photographs, perhaps even a few extra lines; anything it takes to keep that piece of material current.

This is not to imply that you can’t start new blogs if you want to. Create a backlog of blogs to be released over the next several weeks/months if you have the time. Websites such as ExplodingTopics.com and Google Trends will show you what subjects are currently trending, allowing you to find out what people are searching for and answer their queries.

  1. Make the most of your data.

If your website saw an increase in traffic during the shutdown time, you have a considerable advantage, even if this resulted in no more conversions.

You may utilise data from consumer visits to your website to gauge how well it is doing. Is one page generating more conversions than others? Customers add products to their baskets but do not complete a transaction. Have you had hundreds of potential clients visit your website but not a single one of them completed a purchase?

This knowledge is invaluable. It will allow you to make the required modifications to your website to guarantee that it runs effectively. Make the most of your data, and don’t be hesitant to make adjustments to enhance your website over time.

  1. Keep on top of the basics

It should go without saying that you must maintain your SEO. SEO seldom produces fast results (in some circumstances, it might take up to six months to notice any effects), so if you abruptly discontinue your SEO strategy, you are setting yourself up for failure later in the year.

You should examine a few things on a regular basis, such as your keywords. Check your page speed as well to determine if your site is functioning swiftly enough.

A site audit might also be quite valuable. It will offer you a comprehensive report on all technical components of your website, allowing you to identify which sections of your website want improvement.

  1. Refresh your listings

As we entered lockdown during COVID-19, you may have had to designate your business as ‘temporarily closed’ or add limited hours to your Google My Business profile. As we gradually return to routine and companies reopen, make sure your Google My Business profile is complete and up to date. The last thing you want is to reopen with no customers because Google still says you’re closed.

Here’s a brief video that talks you through the simple process of altering your Google My Business business hours.

Don’t forget to keep your listings up to date in all directories, not just Google My Business. All of your company’s information that is available online must be consistent.

  1. Improve the conversion rate of your website

If you follow the previous four guidelines, your website should be current and healthy, therefore the only thing left to do is make sure it converts.

You can enhance your conversion rates by doing a few things. Using sidebars or popups, you may maximise the amount of possibilities for visitors to sign up for newsletters or download information. On your website, you might even conduct a special campaign or advertise certain freebies.

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