9 General SEO Benefits You Need to Know

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The following is a discussion of 9 benefits of SEO in general that business website owners need to know. If you are a website owner, then SEO is one of the techniques that can be implemented to develop a website.

Do you already know SEO? If not, you can read the article “What is SEO?”. The benefits of SEO can actually occur directly and indirectly for your website.

If you already understand SEO, then here are 9 benefits of SEO in general that will discuss.

  • Website Structure (Meta – Schema)

In making a website, it turns out that the On Page SEO technique functions as an initial foundation that functions to help the website to be able to adjust to the Global Website Structure Standards.

By having an optimal or SEO Friendly structure, the display layout on the website will be able to provide benefits to help Search Engine Robots and Visitors to know and understand the website pages.

The Search Engine Crawl Robot will also index faster, distinguish website types and know the overall page content.

For visitors to your website pages, you can provide answers and benefits in a good way.

  • Improved Keyword Ranking (Keywords)

Every website page has the same opportunity to win the competition on Search Engines, especially Keyword competition.

By implementing SEO techniques, the benefits will be an increase in Keyword Ranking significantly or gradually. SEO techniques that can be practiced are divided into two, namely On Page SEO Techniques and Off Page SEO.

These two techniques will really help the website give a good signal to the Search Engine Robot to position your website in a certain order with related keywords (Natural Keywords).

  • Increase in Visitors 

Every time there is an increase in Keyword Ranking, it will benefit from increased visitors to your website.

The growth of a website can be identified by the surge in its visitor count, which indicates progress. Additionally, an upsurge in website visitors has a ripple effect on multiple areas, including a boost in sales percentage.

  • Known and Famous (Brand Awareness)

After an increase in keywords and visitors, the next general benefit of SEO is that the website becomes known. If the website continues to be developed in a positive direction, then the website will definitely become famous.

Visitors will know your website and be able to make visitors want to return to your website. Because they get more benefits from the content, products and services provided on the website.

But everyone certainly only remembers well-known brands or brands, for example Facebook,Nike, Xiaomi, Lenovo and others.

Visitors are unlikely to remember content with very long titles. Therefore, also try to increase the brand on the Search Engine so that the website becomes known and famous.

  • For your consideration

When the website is in the best position on page one (order 1 – 7), then your website will be taken into consideration. Examples include considering the products and services provided.

Try to provide a good website appearance and provide solid and complete information for visitors.

  • Increase Sales 

Indirectly running SEO techniques on a business website will be able to provide benefits, namely helping to increase sales.

By getting the best position in every product/service keyword search, visitors will trust your website more because it has the best ranking.

In general, increased sales will also help the development of the company you manage.

  • Cost Savings

Running SEO techniques actually provides other benefits, which are more cost-effective compared to using online advertising such as Adwords.

This is because SEO is able to make a keyword stay in the best position for a long time and appear 24 hours a day.

Unlike an advertising system that can only run based on the budget issued. Even so, SEO and Adwords advertising can actually be combined into a powerful online marketing technique.

  • Long term investment

SEO is a technique that can be a long-term investment for the continuity of business development in the online world.

This is because SEO has a big impact on the website in the future. Every SEO technique that is carried out must comply with the rules of the Search Engine.

Well-known websites such as Lazada, and shopee have also made a lot of investment in the SEO sector of their websites starting from scratch.

Whatever SEO techniques are done this week, the results may not be immediately visible a week later. However, the effect can be seen in the next month or a few months after.

By practicing SEO techniques, the benefits will one day be that your website can win the keywords that are the most difficult for other competitor websites to reach.

  • As Source And Reference

By implementing SEO techniques, the website can become a source and reference. If your website is SEO Friendly with content that is ranked the best, then the website can be a source of reference for other website owners.

For example referencing your website because it provides valid information such as prices, product / service details and other actual information such as website blogs.

By getting references from other websites, the quality of your website will increase. You could say SEO techniques here provide indirect benefits.

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