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Air Dryer Malaysia

Air Dryer Malaysia

Air Dryer is a device that works to eliminate the moisture content of compressed air coming out of the Air Compressor Unit. This system is usually one unit of process with Air Compressor Unit. The compressed air results from Compressor will be discharged to the Production line and before entering the Pressure Air Production Line will be dried first using air dryers or air dryers.

This dry air application is much needed in large industries. Dry Air or commonly called a water instrument, is used as an actuator actuator from the valve and damper (pneumatic actuator). Or at high pressures such as pressure 40 bar of dry air is used by the beverage beverage industry as a bottled beverage printer by blowing method. Also in the world of telecommunications industry, pressurized dry air is used to encircle underground cables to avoid short circuit due to the formation of dew.

In the dry air compressed Air Dryer, it will undergo a temperature reduction process to reach dew point. Dew Point is the temperature value needed to cool the amount of air, at constant pressure, so that the moisture contained in the water condenses. The value of the dew point decrease depends on the specification of the water dryer used and the needs of its consumption. Generally dew point values ​​range from 1 ° C to 3 ° C.

The types of water dryers are as follows:

  • Regenerative Desiccant Dryers
  • Refrigeration Dryer
  • Deliquescent Dryer
  • Membrane Dryer

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