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BPO Company in Malaysia

Process outsourcing (BPO)  involves contracts for non-primary business activities and functions to third-party service providers. Typical BPO services include internal business functions such as payroll management, human resources, and accounting; and customer-related services such as disturbing customers.

BPO can be referred to in different terms related to outsourcing nature. General terms include: ITES-enabled services for IT-based processes, outsourced knowledge (KPO) processes, outsourced process (LPO), engineering outsourcing process (EPO).

In the construction industry, companies can use BPO for various activities, including:

  • IT services.
  • CAD and BIM.
  • Human resources and administration.
  • Finance and accounting.
  • Security.
  • Facility management.
  • Project management.
  • Structural design.
  • Document management.
  • Marketing and communication.
  • Concept design.
  • Detailed engineering.
  • Energy modeling and audit.
  • Landscape design

The main advantage of BPO is the added flexibility of offering the company. Since most BPO providers offer services on a fee basis for services, a company can alter the cost of constant fluctuations. In doing so, companies can be more flexible in responding to changes due to the required capacity and workload, and therefore need not invest in certain assets. By releasing certain activities, a company can focus on its core competencies, forward planning, and increase value chain engagement.

However, there are some risks attached to BPO which may include more dependency on service providers, cost-less costs, and the dangers of data privacy violations.

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