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Progressive Cavity Pumps

Cavity Pump Repair, Service, and Maintenance

Positive displacement pumps, also known as progressive cavity pumps, progg cavity pumps, PC pumps, and cavity pumps, are intended to transport fluids at the same velocity regardless of intake pressure. Progressing cavity pumps pull fluid into an extended casing containing a helical rotor and stator assembly that discharges the fluid at a constant velocity through the discharge outlet through a suction inlet.

Most progressive cavity pumps have accessories to keep the pump from running empty. Otherwise, the rotor and stator might overheat and cause the pump to fail. PC pumps also have a larger suction lift, self-priming capabilities, and higher discharge pressures than many other positive displacement pumps.

Progressing Cavity Pump: Repair, Service & Maintenance

PCPs may be employed in a variety of applications because to their high pressure and suction lift characteristics, including:

Metering and Dosing

PC pumps are designed to reduce flow pulsation, which aids in the smooth flow of viscous fluids such as chemicals and additives in metering applications. The higher the flow rate, the quicker the pump, and vice versa.

Shear-sensitive fluids are pumped.

Because the flow rate of PCP discharge is proportional to the pump speed, relatively little shear is applied to the material being pumped. This feature, together with PC pumps’ low internal velocity, makes them ideal for pumping materials containing delicate particles and other shear-sensitive fluids.

Abrasive Fluid Pumping

Most pumps are designed such that the substance being pushed may move at high velocity within the walls of the casing. Abrasive substances in the fluid can scour the walls and cause the pump to wear out faster. However, PC pumps move the material at a low velocity through a lengthy casing, so the abrasive particles are not thrown against the interior walls violently enough to create substantial wear. This abrasion resistance is one of the characteristics that allows PC pumps to outlast other pumps in the same applications.

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