Filipino Maid Agency Malaysia

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Why need a Maid?

There are many factors why a person needs a maid services malaysia, among the most popular are:

1. Taking care of children

More than 60% of employers who take Filipino maid agency malaysia are to take care of children. Because husbands and wives work so they need an adult to be at home and take care and monitor the children. If only one child may not need a maid’s services, they may be sent to a nursery or kindergarten or a child care center. But if having 2 or more children is more economical to take a maid. In addition to keeping the child, the maid can also clean the house, wash and rub clothes and cook for children. There are also employers who only have a child but still want to take a maid because of the trauma with the torture and neglect of childcare in nurseries / kindergartens / children’s centers that are widely reported in the mass media.

2. Cleaning the house

Some employers take the maid because they need employees to keep home cleanliness always ensured. Typically employers like these have been accustomed to having maids and continue to use maid services even after children have been out of the house.

3. OKU / pain children

Parents with disabilities also usually need maid services to help take care of this OKU / sick child. Moreover, if both husband and wife work. In half the situation such employers need 2 maids, one for managing disabled / sick children and one for managing other children.

4. Keeping a Pair or Pain Parent

Those with a spouse or parent who need the help of others to move will usually take the maid to assist their spouse / parents in their daily affairs.

5. Maid and Assistant Mother / Father

There are also employers who take the maid to become an elderly but still healthy housekeeper. Where parents do not want to stay with children. To help mothers usually helpers are women. Meanwhile to help the father be a maid or a maid.

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