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Filtration Water Treatment

Filtration Water Treatment Malaysia

The first step in the water treatment process is screening. The filter is placed at the entry point, where water is taken from the river. Filters get rid of large objects that you can find in the river.

Filters come in a variety of sizes. Filters used at the entrance are generally coarse filters (to prevent large objects such as logs and tree branches) followed by fine filters used to block leaves, which can clog the entryway and cause damage to equipment at the pumping station or Water Treatment Plant.

Filters are available in many types; flat shelf filters, round / rotary filters, and so on.

Conventional plants include the following processes:

  • Filtration¬†
  • Ventilation
  • Coagulation and Flocculation
  • Sedimentation
  • Screening
  • Disinfection / pH adjustment
  • Clear Water Tank
  • Distribution of Water
  • Distribution of Water Supply

From clear water tanks to water treatment plants, treated water is pumped through a long drainage system to balance the reservoir with sufficient height for gravity distribution to service reservoirs in various demand centers. The second pumping system will be used for areas that cannot utilize gravity for water supply purposes.

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