#Get Metal Roof Deck


Advantages of Metal Deck

The use of metal deck has several advantages compared to conventional concrete that uses multiplex and wood formwork, including:

  • The volume requirement for concrete will be reduced due to the profile profile of the metal deck, with the same thickness of the concrete slab, less volume of concrete needed (truncated volume of the metal deck profile basin)
  • The need for reinforcing iron volume will be reduced because metal decks can also function as reinforcement so that only one reinforcement iron is needed.
  • The installation is easy and fast so the total duration of the project is shorter, the implementation process is faster, and does not need to be dismantled again like conventional multiplex and wood formwork.
  • Easy in transporting and lightweight because it can be produced on demand size and weight of one sheet of metal deck only 32 kg, can be lifted by one person.
  • The total cost is more economical because the volume of concrete is less, the reinforcement is only one layer.

The weight of the plate will be lighter because of the need for less volume of concrete for the same thickness of the slab.

Lack of Metal Deck

  • The use of a floor deck can weaken the inertia strength that exists because the floor deck includes composite material, which in terms of deflection or deflection will be higher when compared to conventional conventional plates.
  • When in the construction process, the vibration of the floor deck with a thickness of 12-14 cm that occurs will be large and easy to make ordinary people panic when on it. However, all will be covered when the floor deck has been screed.

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