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How To Care and Clean The Sejadah

Sejadah is one of the prayer equipment owned by every Muslim.

Made of various types of materials, the prayer rug is important to ensure the cleanliness of the space used during prayers.

The size of the prayer rug is also various, with the width and length according to the posture of the body when prostrating.

The word sejadah comes from the Arabic word – Sajada – which means prostration.

To clean the prayer rug there are also ways, depending on the material used.

Here are ways to take care and clean the prayer mat that you can do before this Ramadan or at any time.

  1. A rug-like mat should be cleaned frequently using a vacuum and brushed using a fine-toothed brush type at least twice a week.
  2. If not in use, it is best to roll the rug with the surface inside the roll so that it is not exposed to dust and dirt.
  3. If your prayer rug is made of silk, you need to clean it regularly with the ‘dry cleaning’ method. This is to keep the fabric fibers from being damaged.
  4. If the rug is made of velvet or woven fabric, then you can wash it by the usual washing method. However, it needs to be separated from other fabrics because the velvet material fades easily.
  5. To keep the fiber of the prayer mat, do not squeeze too hard. This will cause the fibers to stretch and be easily damaged.
  6. Avoid drying the washed mat using a dryer. Just dry it.
  7. Avoid drying the prayer rug under the scorching sun as this will make your prayer rug quickly wear out.

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