How to choose an industrial fan?

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Industrial fans meet a large number of applications and exist in many configurations:

– integrated fans

– duct fans

– portable fans

– fans for electrical cabinets

– etc.

The first step is to identify the type of fan you need.

The choice of technology is generally between axial and centrifugal fans. In simple terms, axial fans provide high air flow with low overpressure and are reserved for applications with low pressure drops (short circuits), while centrifugal fans are more suitable for applications with high pressure drops (longer circuits). Axial fans are also generally more compact and noisy than equivalent centrifugal models.

A fan is chosen to provide a volume of air (or gas) at a certain pressure level. For many applications it’s relatively simple and the air flow indicated by the manufacturer is sufficient to calculate the size of the fan. Things get a little more complicated when the fan is connected to a circuit (ventilation network, air supply to a burner, etc.). The air flow delivered by a fan depends on its own characteristics but also on the pressure drop of the circuit. This is the principle of the operating point: if you plot the fan flow-pressure curve and the circuit flow-pressure loss curve, the operating point of the fan in this circuit will be at the intersection of the two curves.

While the vast majority of fans blow air at room temperature, some must operate under specific temperature or environmental conditions. This is the case, for example, for circulation fans in an oven. It is therefore important to choose a model adapted to your use.

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