Seawater Desalination System Malaysia

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Is it seawater?

Literally, it “boils” seawater. The average salinity of the world’s oceans is 3.5% or 35 g / L. Reducing seawater to an acceptable level for human consumption is the goal of desalination.

What are the two main methods of desalination?

  • Thermal

When water evaporates from the oceans to form clouds, the resulting precipitation is clean and salt-free. Thermal decomposition operates similarly, water is heated until it is converted into gas and then dried back into a liquid that is now salt-free. Of course, this type of system requires high energy input and does not produce high yields mainly due to evaporation loss.

  • Reverse osmosis

In terms of salt water, in the process of natural osmosis, water flows through a membrane that is easily dissolved from a region with a lower salt concentration to a region with a higher salt concentration to equalize both sides.

Reverse osmosis is intended to do otherwise. Using the pressure difference, the water moves to the lower pressure area which is the lower salt concentration area. This seawater osmosis system (SWRO) is compact and has a lower overall maintenance cost with appropriate preservation.

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