Spigen Cases: How excellent are they, and should you buy them?

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What exactly are Spigen cases?

Spigen, which was founded in 2008, strives to provide high-quality mobile accessories that meet the demands of each individual. They do this by the use of several extended lines of instances, each with its own set of functions and functionalities. As a result, Spigen offers five distinct product lines:

  • Armor: Spigen’s Armor cases are ideal if you need to ensure that your device is robust and protected from even the most severe falls.
  • Hybrid: The Hybrid Spigen case, which combines style and security, will protect your phone from most falls and mishaps while not being as bulky as the Armor.
  • Liquid: Spigen’s Liquid series offers cases with a little bit of protection, which is ideal if you don’t mind wear and tear but still want something less slippery to grasp than the phone. Some Liquid covers are also transparent, allowing you to view the original phone colour beneath.
  • Air / Thin Fit: The Thin Fit, like the Liquid, wraps tightly around the phone but provides somewhat less protection than the Liquid. It’s mostly for scratch resistance.
  • Wallet (plural): There’s no mystery here: this is a Spigen case that also functions as a wallet! The Wallet protects your phone while also providing a flap for credit and ID cards.

Spigen also sells some of the most affordable brand-name cases on the market. Prices will vary depending on the phone model, but in general, Spigen cases aren’t outrageously pricey, and they’re something that most people can afford. The cases provide an excellent price-to-performance ratio without sacrificing quality.

Which Spigen case line is the best?

Which Spigen case line is perfect for you will depend a lot on how you use the device on a daily basis. The Hybrid will probably be the best bet for most people, providing excellent protection without adding too much heft to the phone. After all, most individuals are prone to dropping their phones on the ground every now and again, and the Hybrid Spigen case will guard against such mishaps.

However, if you work in a labor-intensive industry, such as construction, or are purchasing a case for a younger phone user, the Armor will be able to protect your smart device from everything life may throw at it. According to an Amazon review for one of the Spigen Armor covers, their phone escaped being run over by a car unharmed! There is no higher recommendation for a Spigen case than that.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your usage habits. Let’s break it down by case type and then tell you which one is right for you.

Spigen Rugged Armor/Tough Armor/Slim Armor/Geo Armor/Core Armor/Mag Armor

These are Spigen’s hardest cases, offering the greatest drop protection, with slight variances between each kind. The robust armor, for example, is a TPU case that is not overly bulky while still providing protection. The Tough Armor augments the level of protection by adding a polycarbonate backplate to a TPU inner shell. The thin armor has the same DNA as the Tough Armor but is somewhat smaller in size.

The Geo Armor is the most protective of the bunch, but it is only available for certain phones. It’s basically a case that wraps around the entire phone and comes with a built-in screen protector if you don’t want to use a separate one. The remainder of the Armor cases are similar, with an emphasis on protection and slight differences here and there. For example, the Mag Armor is available for the iPhone 13 series and supports MagSafe accessories.

If you’re not too careful with your phone and your pals call you butterfingers, you should get a Spigen Armor series case.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid/Ultra Hybrid S/Quartz Hybrid/Matte Hybrid

Many consumers want to show off their smartphone’s original color or design while still providing some protection. If this describes you, the Ultra Hybrid series is for you. The regular Ultra Hybrid includes a TPU frame and a transparent durable polycarbonate rear. The side frame protects your phone in the event of a drop, and the clear back covers the back of your phone while still displaying it.

The other case variants are similar but have minor variances. The Ultra Hybrid S includes a built-in kickstand, the Quartz version has a glass back rather than plastic, and the Matte version has a frosted back rather than a clear one. You can also obtain similar cases in a variety of colors, with the side frame coloured instead of transparent and the back remaining clear.

While the Hybrid line of cases may not offer as much protection as the Armor series, it should be enough for the typical person. You should be OK unless you recklessly throw your phone around. You also get the extra benefit of being able to show everyone that you have the most recent iPhone.

Spigen Liquid Air/Liquid Crystal/Crystal Glitter

The Liquid range of cases provide adequate protection while without adding undue weight to your phone. They’re flexible and entirely constructed of TPU, so no hard polycarbonate components are used. While not as protective as the Ultra Hybrid, the Liquid Air series can withstand the occasional fall and provide a reasonable level of grip to your phone. The basic Liquid Air has a beautiful texture that is both subtle and elegant in appearance.

The Liquid Crystal is another option for individuals who want to show off the back of their phone but want a slimmer option than the Ultra Hybrid. There’s also a self-explanatory Glitter version of the case. Because the Liquid Crystal is just a standard TPU case, there’s a strong risk it’ll become yellow with use. The same cannot be true about the Ultra Hybrid, whose back is made of polycarbonate.

Spigen Thin Fit/AirSkin


If you want minimum protection while keeping your phone’s form factor, the Thin Fit series is for you. Until recently, the Thin Fit series was incredibly thin and entirely constructed of hard plastic. This meant that the protection was only rudimentary, and just against scratches. Spigen has updated the Thin Fit line, which now includes a TPU layer impregnated with a strong polycarbonate back. This provides some basic protection against drops while not jeopardizing the case’s thinness too much.

In contrast, the AirSkin is a fully transparent thin case that merely protects against scratches. It’s exceedingly thin, making it appear as if it’s not even there. Because the new Slim Fit is more protective than before, it’s readily recommendable for a lot of folks who want adequate protection while keeping their phone thin.

Spigen Slim Armor CS/Crystal Slot

Have you ever wished to leave your wallet at home because your trouser pockets were too small? Spigen’s wallet cases will allow you to do just that. The Slim Armor CS, like the normal Slim Armor, provides enough protection but has an additional trick up its sleeve. A sliding mechanism on the rear slips out to reveal a slot that can hold up to two cards. You might bring an ID card and a credit card, as well as some cash.

The Crystal Slot is a clear container with a slot to hold your cards. In our view, the Slim Armor CS looks better because it is more basic and the location for storing cards is hidden. A clear cover will expose that you have stored your cards beside your phone, which isn’t ideal.

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