#Top 2019 Industrial Ventilating Fan Malaysia


KDK have two types uses of Ventilating Fan such as industrial use and residential use.


Industrial Use

  • High Pressure

High pressure ventilating fans come in many sizes range from 10” to 24”. These ventilating fans can be used over an ambient temperature range of -10ºC to +50ºC and has a durable powder coating ensure high rust-resistant capability

  • Mini Sirocco

The mini sirocco fan acts as a ventilation system by combining with the channel. It is designed for dynamic airflow and suitable for ceiling installation.

  • Wall Mount

Ventilation is important to create a comfortable working environment, whether to bring fresh cool air into the room or emit smoke. The industrial wall fan is ideal for factories, warehouses, and kitchen restaurants where large air changes are required.

Residential Use

  • Wall Mount Propeller

The KDK wall is fitted with the most suitable ventilation fan to fit in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Ventilating fans keep air circulating in the room, polluted air exhaust and remove the painful smell. With appropriate ventilation, adequate airflow will eliminate the smell of air and humid home.

  • Glass Mount Propeller

KDK glass mounted ventilating fan is very well used for bathroom to remove pollutants directly out before they are scattered throughout the room. It can be installed directly into the glass window.

  • Ceiling Mount Propeller

KDK ceiling mounted propeller is suitable for commercial and residential use. These fans are in Q-blade design for perfect balance and quiet operation.

  • Ceiling Mount Sirocco

KDK produces a few types of ceiling mount sirocco ventilating fans. These exhaust fans are installed on the ceiling connected with ductwork, by which indoor air is exhausted either through the roof or the exterior wall.

For more information about Industrial Ventilating Fan Malaysia, please visit https://www.kdk.com.my/

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