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The difference between a videographer and a video production company

A professional video production company has a professional web presence, an impressive portfolio, and a lot of experience. Their portfolio will highlight the various styles and formats. The videographer will often focus on pricing such as hourly rate or daily rate. As a business you need to consider the reputation of your company. In other words,  you need to consider both high quality production AND pricing.

What is a videographer? A videographer films live events such as weddings, dance recitals, corporate events and basic training videos. It’s pretty straightforward.

What’s a video production company? A video production is created from scratch. If your company requires a video to help promote your products or services then you need a video production company. Most video productions need a script. A great script is almost always required when crafting your message and keeping the viewer’s attention. A professional video production team will have scriptwriters. Freelance videographers don’t write scripts or storyboards. Additionally, an impressive web video often needs animation or motion graphic elements such titles and logos. Most videos will also need a professional voice over narration or perhaps an on camera presenter. A video production company has the resources to record your script in a professional studio environment. And last but not least, your production will need an experienced camera person who delivers creative filmmaking styles.  Video production can be complex. An experienced video production team can help you from concept to final delivery.

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