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Wardrobe Furniture Malaysia

Wardrobe Furniture Malaysia

Wardrobe should be neat and tidy. To me, this cupboard will make it easy for me to choose the right dress. In fact, we will know which one clothes have been used in the week.

6 Tips to Manage Clothing Wardrobe To Keep Continuous And Organized

  • Use the same Hanger

Make it your responsibility to ensure that the hangers used are the same in terms of color, type, shape and order of the head so that they look uniform and good looking.

  • Make sure Clothing is Suspended Against the Same Directions

In order to make sure the wardrobe looks more organized, make sure the tag, size, button or collar of your clothing are facing the same direction. It will also make it easy for you to choose and reach the clothes you want to wear every day.

Otherwise, suspended clothing will easily fall off or drop off from the hanger. Aha .. it will clot all your clothes when it’s so.

  • Separate Clothing by Color Code

Create a method that will make it easier for you to see the color choices of the clothes you have. This way can also speed up mixed processes and match in choosing a daily dress concept.

This method is very important for those who care about appearance and style. You will be surprised if the dresses that are well-groomed in the closet allow you to make more fashion even if your clothing is not so much.

  • Provide Spaces For Accessories And Lingerie

Accessories like belts, handbags, neckties and so on should be separated in one space by category and easy to find. Hang the belt on the hook and arrange the handbag on the foreign shelf.

Similarly with handkerchiefs, underwear, bra and so on. Separate into the closet drawer, or set up a special space for these types of clothes. Fashionable hoods are beautifully separated apart from other types of clothing.

  • Organize Your Shirt

Various tipped folds can be found on the internet. Therefore, fold and skirt over the folded folds to make it easier for you to remove them from the clothes drawer. Make sure everything is organized according to the color code. This can save you space and your time in choosing clothing.

  • Create One Corner To Reach And Move

Half the wardrobe, there are parts or angles that are easy to reach. The tilt and motion angle is for basic needs that you will use every day. The easiest examples for women are makeup tools, hijab pins and so on.

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