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Water Treatment Equipment

Water Treatment Equipment Malaysia

Organo asia provide several types of water treatment equipment. 

1. RO Membrane

RO Membrane is designed and manufactured to meet the high level requirements of pure and ultra pure water for industrial application. RO Membrane is stable and effective in removing dissolved salts, dissolved organics substances as well as fine particles and impurities.

2. Cartridge Filter

It is developed to remove various sizes of particles from water by diversified micron rating and fixed pore structure. The filter is available in various micron ratings and standard industry lengths up to 40 inches.

3. Ion Exchange Resin

Ion exchange resins have been widely used in various industries for water purification process such as water softening, dealkalization unit, demineralization unit, mixed bed exchanger, condensate polisher and cartridge polisher for Ultra Pure Water and Demineralized Water Treatment System.

4. Tohkemy Products

Organo Asia is an authorized distributor of Tohkemy Corporation, an ISO 9001 certified company that manufactures a wide range of water treatment products with various design specifications in terms of sizes, capacity, pressure, speed and materials.

For more information about Water Treatment Equipment Malaysia, please visit https://www.organoasia.com/main/

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