What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Buying a Refurbished Laptop?

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Assessing the potential advantages of buying a refurbished laptop compared to a brand new one is really a cost avoidance problem versus risk acceptance. With the price of new laptops approaching parity with desktop systems equipped with the same, and refurbished laptops providing only a small price differentiation over new units, the amount of money saved by buying a refurbished laptop becomes very small. In situations where very high end or specific laptops are being compared, savings can be significant, and it may be suggested that the potential risk of buying a particular type of laptop may be shown.

Understand refurbish

Renewed terms are not standardized in the computing industry, but leave individual suppliers to determine. In most cases, as is usually defined by a factory refurbished laptop provided by the brand name manufacturer, these units are extensively tested and may have a new outer shell provided to enhance the appearance. On the other hand, many second-party laptop vendors define renewal as taking a used laptop, quickly cleaning it up and simply reloading the operating system on the system as the only diagnostic test to be performed on the unit. Of course, there are differences in confidence levels between the two methods, as well as the underlying business model. Brand name companies have a risky reputation, while second-party laptops are more concerned with selling these laptops, and if there is a warranty problem, set them as cheap as possible to maximize profits.

Warranty Period

A quick check of Lenovo, Sony and Apple shows that a full year warranty is available with the purchase of a new unit. Sony provides a 90-day warranty on the refurbished products they sell, while Dell, Lenovo, and Apple offer a one-year warranty standard on their refurbished systems. An important detail to consider is that even if the battery is covered by a one-year full warranty when a new laptop is purchased, while most non-branded renewable brands of laptops on the market will not guarantee charging time or longevity for the computer

Out of Warranty Repairs

Laptops are more expensive to repair than their desktop counterparts. While most desktop computers can attract an almost unlimited supply of replacement components that are largely interchangeable, laptops are formed almost entirely from proprietary parts, except RAM, hard disks and, to a lesser extent, LCD screens. In addition, laptops are more difficult to disassemble than regular desk systems, which increases the labor costs associated with any warranty service. It is important to note that the majority of laptop repairs will cost more than $ 100, and this reality must be factored into savings that will be realized when purchasing a refurbished laptop.

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