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Wisely Wearing a Fan in the Summer

The sun is shining bright and hot temperatures make many people tend to be lazy to leave the house. No doubt the long drought that is happening at this time makes the burning sensation. As a result, some electronic devices such as fans do not stop spinning and the air conditioner is constantly on.

In some conditions, the fan and also the air conditioner can indeed be a practical way out, but imagine how the drastic changes that occur in the skin when you are in a super hot region and then enter a cold room. The skin will become dry and health will also be disturbed.

The use of air conditioning is believed to make the air in the room feel cooler. Yes, the hot sun in the summer will make the body sweat more easily, including indoors. Because the heat can make the body temperature go up.

Fans can make a big difference in the temperature in the room. But this only applies to certain temperature levels. Because like eating simalakama fruit, this air conditioning can actually make the weather get hotter when placed in a room where the temperature is more than 35 degrees celsius.

Experts have suggested that the public turn off the fan when the outdoor temperature is more extreme. The reason is because the fan only blows hot air. Worse, the air was directly fixed on a person’s body, making him feel hotter. So it only worsens the atmosphere instead of cooling the air.

However, that does not mean the fan can not be used at all. Try placing it within a certain distance alias does not directly lead to the body. Don’t forget to always drink lots of water. Hot weather makes the body sweat more, which means the amount of body fluid that comes out is also more. So it must be replaced with other liquids such as water.

Then is there a natural way to cool the body in this season to avoid the heat:

  • Avoid foods that make you hot.
  • Eat the right foods.
  • Reduce drinking ice
  • Drink more water
  • Choose clothes that absorb sweat
  • Drink coconut water
  • turn off the lights

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